Ashton Cobb – Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity

As Ashton Cobb, a free agent in the NFL knows, when waiting for a contract there is lots of anticipation in the air, but there also has to be a strategy or goal in place so that the day a contact presents itself, an informed decision can be made. Waiting for the perfect opportunity is a matter of patience, determination and some positivity. Below are some explanations as to why those are the three most important factors.

Patience is a trait that will always help you get the best results possible. When waiting for opportunities to come, one must know how to make the most of that idle time while also remaining hopeful that the efforts will not go in vain.
In order to make progress towards your goal, you have to work hard through all the uncertainty and get better and better so that the day the opportunities start coming in, you will be in the perfect shape to compete.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

Positivity and optimism are the two driving emotions that will keep you on path towards reaching your goals. While there can be lots of uncertainty while waiting for an opportunity, the positivity will help drown some of that out and keep you focused on reaching your goals.