Ashton Cobb – UK Athletic Training

Ashton Cobb is a former Kentucky Wildcat and a current free agent for the National Football League. He was the starting strong safety for the Wildcats NCAA Division 1 football program, a team of the highly-competitive SEC conference. While enrolled in the program, Ashton Cobb had access to the school’s outstanding medical care provided for the school’s student-athletes. Below is an excerpt from the University of Kentucky Wildcats official website that describes the athletic trainers Cobb had the opportunity to work with while playing for the university:

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

“Every student-athlete at the University of Kentucky is entitled to state-of-the-art medical care while participating as a Kentucky Wildcat. The Athletic Training/Medical Staff coordinates and delivers professional and comprehensive preventative treatment, rehabilitation and counseling services to all UK athletes. The Athletic Medical Staff is comprised of a Head Team Physician, Sports Medicine Team Physicians and Orthopedic Team Physicians, as well as several Physicians in specialty areas that are available for consultations. The full-time certified Athletic Training Staff consists of a Director of Sports Medicine, Head Athletic Trainer, and five Staff Assistants. There are 11 certified graduate assistants, and several undergraduate students that play a vital role in the Athletic Training Program.”

Ashton Cobb was proud to have been a stating player for the Wildcats; and it is a valuable experience that he will take with him as he enters professional football.