Ashton Cobb – Family and Faith as a Motivator

While Ashton Cobb places enormous importance on the bonds that he creates with his teammates whenever he steps out onto the field, he also realizes that the love of his family and the guidance of his faith are vital if he wishes to succeed in his goal of playing in the NFL.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb



Ashton Cobb is the sixth of eleven children, so he has always understood the important role that family plays in helping each member achieve their individual goals. Not only does family provide a support structure that can help you bounce back during times of adversity, but it is also an enormous motivating factor in helping your achieve all of your goals in life. When you see your family, you should see your reason for being and the people who are going to help you in every way that they can think of in order for you to achieve your goals. Remember that you do what you do for them, so maintain the ties that bind the family unit and never forget how vital each member is to you.


Having been raised in a deeply religious family, Ashton understands that faith can be an enormous motivator when it comes to achieving your goals in life. Through faith you can better understand the world around you, which in turn allows you to work more closely with other people. Faith can be a driving force that inspires you at every turn and allows you to see the purpose in every situation. Carry it with you during your endeavors and you will find that the knowledge that everything you do serves a purpose will see you through.

Ashton Cobb understands that his faith and family are crucial as he continues to train towards a career as a professional football player in the NFL.


Ashton Cobb – Loyalty in Team Sports

During the course of his career in football, Ashton Cobb has come to value the loyalty of his teammates and how it can affect the performance of the team whenever they head out onto the field.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb


Trust can only be built between individuals when each demonstrates to the other that they are loyal to the core and willing to do whatever they can to help each other, rather than simply themselves. From trust, an understanding can be created that allows every member of the collective to develop on an individual level while also contributing everything that they can to the team.

Personal Sacrifice

In demonstrating that you are loyal to both the cause and the people who are working with you to achieve that goal, personal sacrifice is often important. Whether this means altering your behavior in order to achieve or simply spending a little extra time training to make sure that everybody in the team develops simultaneously, sacrificing what appeals now in order to achieve something great later on own the line is important in the development of loyalty.

Strengthening Relationships

Every meeting we have in life creates the opportunity to develop a relationship, no matter how fleeting. By demonstrating your commitment to these individual relationships, you are able to strengthen bonds until they become unbreakable. These bonds are extremely important for a football team, as it allows the collective to carry individuals through tough times and reaffirm their focus on the end goal.

Loyalty in any joint effort is extremely important, as Ashton Cobb has increasingly come to understand in both his sporting career and in raising a loving family.