Ashton Cobb – Qualities Of A Good Leader

Inspiring teammates to perform to the best of their abilities is an integral quality that any good leader should possess, particularly in the game of football. When the team is inspired to perform to the best of its abilities, anything is possible when you head out onto the field. Ashton Cobb exhibits many of the qualities that a good leader should possess and understands what it takes to get the team working towards a common goal.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb


Leaders don’t simply assume that every idea they have is correct. Instead, they listen to those around them and make the effort to understand what drives each individual. Only by doing that can they fully understand the team dynamic and the needs that must be met in order to achieve the best results.


If you are unsure in your own abilities it is impossible to inspire anybody else to be confident in theirs. As a leader you should fully understand your role in the team and be able to exhibit the qualities that you possess on a regular basis.


To lead a group of people you must establish a cause that everybody can get behind and be fully committed to achieving every milestone required to reach your end goal. Don’t stray from the path and understand that where you go, the rest will follow.


It is most difficult to be positive when something negative is influencing the team, so you must be able to keep everybody in a good frame of mind and focused on what they want to achieve. React when things don’t go according to plan and shoulder responsibility while also coming up with potential solutions to problems.

As an NFL free agent, Ashton Cobb hopes to one day demonstrate his leadership qualities for one of the major franchises in the NFL.