Ashton Cobb – Are You Wondering What a Strong Safety in Football Is?

Ashton Cobb was the strong safety for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, and is now an NFL free agent. He is dedicated to fitness and building his career. He played as the starting strong safety for the Boston Brawlers during their inaugural year. Though he has played as strong safety for each of his previous teams, he is also a versatile player who is skilled in several different positions. If you are wondering what exactly a strong safety’s duty is, in simple terms, it is a defensive position.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

Strong safety players are sent to the field while their team is playing defense. They are furthest back on the field, and they are generally the closet players to the end zone that they are defending. Their job is to protect the end zone and to attempt to get the ball from the opposite team’s receivers. This is an important position because it is the last line of defense before the opposite team can reach the end zone.

These players need to be able to remain attentive and they need to be able to spot which receiver caught the ball. They should also be physically strong and able to quickly tackle the player who caught the ball. Strong safety players also need to be agile. It is there job to get the ball back from the opposite team and to keep the opposite team from making a touchdown. They need to be able to change direction while running and reach the opposite player quickly. Ashton Cobb is a talented strong safety who always works hard to protect his end zone. He is a great team player and has all of the physical abilities necessary to excel in this position.