Ashton Cobb – How to Be a Great Dad

Ashton Cobb comes from a family with eleven children. His parents were deeply religious and his father was a preacher who spent a lot of time with his children. His father was his role model and encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player. Here are some tips on how to be a great dad.

Ashton Cobb

Be Involved

The first thing about being a great dad is not worrying about being a great dad. It’s not know how to burp your baby right, or knowing how to hold the baby that makes you a great dad. Being a great dad starts with being a great husband. It means that you are involved in every aspect of the pregnancy. Be a husband that is willing to be involved in making your marriage rock solid, and your home a place filled with warmth and love, and you will be on the road to being a great dad.

Live a Normal Life

Don’t be afraid to get back to your normal life after the baby is born. After a couple of weeks, you should be able to start doing the things you are used to doing, and stop worrying what will happen if you leave the house. Take your wife together with your baby out for breakfast, shopping, and just about everywhere you go. Make your baby part of your daily life. Do the regular things you used to do before the baby was born.

Ashton Cobb had the privilege of playing games and enjoying his childhood with his dad.



Ashton Cobb – Why Children Should Play Team Sports

Ashton Cobb was the sixth child in a family of eleven children. His father was a preacher and he grew up in a healthy, warm, loving family environment where he learned the importance of working together with the other members of his family. He started playing football from a very young age and his father encouraged him to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player. Here are some reasons why children should play team sports.

Ashton Cobb


Obviously, the most important reason why anyone should play team sports is because of exercise. Playing team sports require practice, it and gives children the opportunity to go out of the house and play together with other kids.

Social Interaction

In today’s world where it is common for children to sit with their game consoles and play games, it has become more important to encourage them to play team sports. It helps them to adapt, interact, and work as a team, something that is much needed for everyone in life. It helps them to meet and make new friends and build relationships.


Playing sports as a team does not guarantee that you will win every time, but it does help build perseverance. Dealing with a game loss will make your children stronger and deal with tough issues as they grow older. It helps them learn the importance of endurance and perseverance.

Build Self-Esteem

Playing team sports helps children come out of their corner and interact with other children. It helps them build their self-esteem and strive for excellence. Playing team sports will also help them learn that when they work hard, they can achieve success.

Ashton Cobb received a lot of encouragement from his father to play football as a child, which led him to become a football player.



Ashton Cobb – Why Physical Fitness is Important for Everyone

Ashton Cobb was born in 1987 and was the sixth child in a family of eleven children, and grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. His father was a preacher and regularly helped out at the local community center. From a young age, Ashton Cobb was interested in sports and remembers going to watch football games with his father. He started going to the gym while he was in high school and worked to build his strength and stamina because he was trying out for the high school football team. He played football in high school and in college. He received a football scholarship and studied at the University of Kentucky. As a sportsman, Ashton Cobb believes physical fitness is important for everyone.

Ashton Cobb

Many people stay in shape as long as they are participating in sports, but then ignore exercising and keeping fit when they stop later on in life. Regular physical exercise is important if you want to decrease the risk of disease, look better, feel better mentally and physically, avoid injuries, and do things you enjoy throughout your life. Physical fitness helps prevent a variety of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. According to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, regular exercise can help you add up to five years to your life. With the increasing rate of obesity among young people across the world, it has become more important to promote the importance of physical fitness among people.

Regular physical exercise will help you stay in shape and allow you to perform daily household chores and other leisure activities easily. There are various mental and social benefits associated with exercising. According to studies conducted by the Lancet (UK medical journal), those engaging in regular exercise experience a sense of purpose and value, reduced stress, improved sleep, and better quality of life. The studies also showed that it helped people build stronger relationships, and enhanced social interaction.

On the other hand, the lack of physical activity is associated with a variety of risks such as depression, stress, anxiety. It also gives rise to health-related problems such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, and colon cancer. In some cases, the lack of physical activity can cause premature death. The Lancet study showed that a sedentary lifestyle is more deadly than smoking. The study further showed that six to ten percent of the world’s non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and certain kinds of cancers are caused by lack of physical activity.

The following are some of the reasons to start exercising regularly.

  • Healthier life
  • Increase the chances of living longer
  • Feel better
  • Sleep better at night
  • Reduce the chance of getting depressed
  • Get in shape and look better
  • Develop stronger bones and muscles
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Meet new people and enjoy life

Ashton Cobb is an experienced football player who enjoys exercising and staying fit.



Ashton Cobb – Five Important Football Training Drills

Ashton Cobb is a football player who has been playing football since he was in high school. He is the sixth child in a family of eleven children. His father was a deeply religious man who encouraged him to pursue his dreams and do the best he can. Ashton Cobb received a football scholarship to attend the University of Kentucky and played starting strong safety for the Wildcats. He is a highly committed team player and his team members value his presence on the field.

Ashton Cobb
Ashton Cobb

It is important for every football player to get into great shape because playing the sport demands that the players are in excellent physical shape. Stamina, Speed, agility, and strength are some of the qualities every footballer should have, and football training drills are meant to get players in shape for the game. Here are some important football training drills every player should follow.

Tire Run

Tire runs require players to sprint through tires placed in a zig-zag position on the field. This helps them develop endurance, strength, agility, and speed. Players will need to make sure they lift their knees up high enough after stepping out of each tire so that they don’t trip and fall. The player will have to repeat the process over and over again to build endurance.

Shuttle Runs

Shuttle runs are great for building the player’s lower body muscles and helps in building his endurance and speed. The player will have to sprint ten yards and sprint back, then sprint 20 yards and back, increasing it by ten yards each time. Players will have to touch the yard line with both hands before sprinting back to the starting point.

Vertical Power Jumps

Vertical power jumps are ideal for building the leg muscles. Players will need to jump as high as they can repeatedly. They will need to stand upright, bend their knees and hips and propel themselves vertically into the air with all their force. They will need to repeat the jump ten to twenty times for a proper leg workout.

Box Jumps

Place a large stable box about two or three feet high in front of a player and have the player stand at the edge of the box (approximately eight inches away) and jump onto the edge of the box, stand upright and then jump back down. This fitness drill will help build muscle and strength, and is similar to the vertical power jump; however, with a small variation.

Ladder Drill

Draw a ladder pattern on the field with chalk powder and have your player stand at the bottom of the ladder. The player should step into the first square of the ladder with the left foot, and then with the right foot. Step on the outside of the second square with the left foot, and then with the right foot on the right side. Repeat this pattern for the entire length of the ladder, and then have them run back to the starting point. Have the players do this drill as quickly as possible to build up their coordination, speed, agility, and leg muscles.

Ashton Cobb likes to work on enhancing his football playing so that he can become a better player.