Ashton Cobb Navigates Complexities of Free Agency

Ashton Cobb, currently an NFL free agent, is the perfect strong safety. Physical, with great feet and quickness and exceptional speed, Cobb stops the run with tackling athleticism at his command. With today’s passing game enjoying extreme popularity, Cobb covers receivers with alacrity. Strong safeties are relied upon to move quickly all over the field, able to make plays on both the run and the pass.

Ashton Cobb

Ashton Cobb is excited about the prospect of playing in the National Football League of the United States, and as a free agent, is a player of professional sports who has eligibility to sign and play with any football club or franchise. Free agents are not under contract to any specific team, or, the term free agent may also be applied to players who are under contract but who are allowed to search for offers from other football teams. In some cases, free agents like Ashton Cobb may be limited as to their signing options by league rules.

Unrestricted free agents may entertain offers to play from any and all other teams and to make their own contractual decisions. Unrestricted free agents may sign with any club up until and including the first scheduled day of NFL training camp in July. After that, the unrestricted free agent’s rights revert to his prior club if it has made him an offer of 110 percent of last year’s salary by June 1. His old club may resign him up until the Tuesday after the 10th week of the season. If he is not resigned, he must sit out that season. If the player was not offered a contract by June 1, he can be signed anywhere at any time throughout the season. Unrestricted free agents are players who have completed four or more seasons and have an expired contract.

Ashton Cobb is a free agent in the National Football League of the United States, and maintains a rigorous training schedule of 5 or more hours a day. Cobb remains at his peak athletic skills, reiterating his desire to play at strong safety, free safety, linebacker and even a defensive back position as a professional player. To date, Cobb has excelled as a strong safety on the defensive squad for the University of Kentucky at Lexington in the United States, and his daily workout regimen reinforces his skills at that position, while he also trains as a free safety, linebacker and defensive back. The position of safety relies on a complex understanding of the game and its offensive plays, the running game, the passing game, and the various skills of those who play on the opposing offensive line. As such, safeties like Cobb use their game acumen as well as smarts and game instincts.