Highest Level of Professional Play – Ashton Cobb

Ashton Cobb is today a free agent with the NFL, hoping for a strong Safety berth on a professional football team. Despite facing a number of rival leagues in the United States through the 30’s and 40’s, only the Canadian Football League today remains with the National Football League in North America. The CFL operates as an independent football league operating under a different football code with differing rules. The NFL merged with the American Football League in 1966 and initiated the Super Bowl game at the end of that season.

Ashton Cobb

Participation as a professional player with the NFL is the highest aspiration for players with the skill and grit to play on this most difficult level of athletic skill, as Ashton Cobb wishes to do. The NFL has the highest average attendance of any professional sports league in the world. The Super Bowl is the biggest club sporting event in the world, and Super Bowl Games occupy the Top 5 of the most watched United States television broadcasts in the world. The Dallas Cowboys franchise is the most valuable NFL franchise at a worth of $4 billion. The most NFL championships are held by the Green Bay Packers at thirteen. The most Super Bowl championships have been won by the Pittsburgh Steelers with six. Currently, the Denver Broncos hold the NFL championship title.

Ashton Cobb is currently a free agent in the NFL, after playing a season for the Boston Brawlers, a football club in the Fall Experimental Football League, the FXFL.